National Workshop - Health
"Service and Asset Management Planning - the next 20 years"

The National Asset Management Leadership Group (a joint DHB CFO and Ministry initiative) has organised a National Asset Management Workshop on 19 November in Wellington. Click here for a copy of the draft agenda.




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NAMS Property describes a process of 'capital asset management' (CAM) for large scale asset intensive organisations that deliver community services through a portfolio of assets. Examples of these include Councils, Health organisations, schools and universities, and water & wastewater organisations.

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Property can be defined as any physical discrete asset that is owned and or managed by an organisation. Examples include hospitals, houses,  community facilities,  utility buildings, and commercial buildings. Components are generally described at a level of detail associated with replacement, refurbishment and renewal rather than repair.

The subject of asset management has many meanings across a range of industries. Ask anyone who works as an Asset Manager what it is they do and in many cases you will get a strained answer. The subject or role is challenging to describe and each meaning is sepcific.

Rather than defining a role, CAM defines a proven process and provides access to a tool kit that includes a web based planning system, a guideline that describes key principles and a range of files that can be downloaded from this web site.

Asset Management Lifecycle
NAMS Property has three parts:

1. The Manual

The ManualThe manual includes the theory of managing a property portfolio. It offers case studies and examples. It also gives you templates, data collection forms and analytical models to use in planning and managing your own portfolio.


2. The Interactive Website

The Interactive WebsiteFrom the interactive website you can download analytical models, building component guidelines, health asset standards and planning templates. You can get general industry news and find out about events. You can also take part in online forums.


3. The Demonstration Asset Management System

The Demonstration Asset Management SystemThe demonstration asset management system gives you access to a full range of tactical functions and reports. You can enter your own data into the system. You can then run analytical models such as renewals analysis, project planning, levels of service analysis and depreciated replacement cost valuations. From these, you can produce your own reports.

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Demonstration Asset Management System
Demonstration Asset Management System A system for members to enter data, run analytical models and produce reports. It is directly linked to case studies and examples in the manual and provides guidance on the five key property principles.
Building Component Guidelines
234 standard asset descriptions, total useful lives, criticality and unit costs.
Health Asset Standards
Over 600 standard asset descriptions for health assets including clinical and IT equipment linked to ECRI.
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The NAMS Group develops asset management best practice publications, knowledge and services.